Privacy Policy

What personal information does Dankwin collect?

When using our website, or when using our other communication channels, Dankwin may collect and process certain personal information. In some cases you affirmatively provide us with personal information, in some other cases, it may be collected automatically as described in this policy.

Information provided by you

Customers and email subscribers: email address, name, and other personal information you provide.

Information not provided by you

Dankwin uses cookies to enhance user experience, and to measure user behaviour. We may collect the following data (not limited):

  • Location
  • Browser language
  • Screen size
  • IP-address
  • Visited pages
  • Browser
  • Type of machine

How does Dankwin use personal information?

The information you provide to Dankwin, as well as the information we collect automatically, are used for the following purposes:

  • Presenting the website and its content
  • Provide you with information you request from us
  • Improving our content and user experience
  • To deliver content – including advertisements – suited to your preferences

Last modified February 21, 2021